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3 May 2016   

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Short History

The date of establishing imam Khomeini relief foundation (IKRF)
14 th isfand 1357 s.a.h
5 th march 1979

 The history of forming and establishing the fundamental principle of this organization goes back to many years before the victorious Islamic revolution in Iran, around the year 1963 several noble revolutionists whom some of them are the present key managers of Imam Khomeini relief foundation (IKRF) at the beginning of the Islamic Movement were among the companions and fellow fighters of Late Imam Khomeini, on behalf of His Honor undertook the mission of looking after the needy families of the political prisoners and revolutionary fighters.

 Through the Islamic Revolution climax, especially during the years 1978 and 1979, the combats of Muslim nation reached its climax, strikes and taking sanctuaries spread all over the country. At that time the relief and support actions of these noble revolutionists increased by the extensive and comprehensive support received by needy families of the strikers, political prisoners and deprived people of the society.
With the victory of the dignified Islamic Revolution and redefining of the administrative, economical and cultural activities of the country, the necessity of supporting deprived people of the society was set among the major priorities of the newly formed government.

 In order to carry out the high aims of the Islamic Republic System of Iran and Velayat Faghih1 for uprooting poverty, supporting and giving relief to the deprived and the oppressed people and making them self sufficient. At the date of 5th of March 1979 exactly 22 days after the Victory of Islamic Revolution, by gracious and historical command issued by late Imam Khomeini. For unlimited time Imam Khomeini Relief foundation (IKRF) as a second revolutionary organization was established.

1- The Supreme Theological Mandate

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