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4 May 2016   

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Welcome to Emdad

The Public Invitation for Participating in Giving Aid to the Needy and the Relief Seekers
under the Protection of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (IKRF)

The Imam Khomeini Relief foundation, as the greatest supportive organization, supports more than 4/5 million of the deprived and the needy people in the country. Inspired by Islamic ideology, life giving and human empowering teachings of Islam In order to give the effective and demanded aid to the needy and deprived classes of the Islamic Nation and to provide a suitable and reliable infrastructure for collecting the cash and non cash aids of the humanitarian and noble people of Islamic Iran whether donations , vows ,charities , aids for the victims of the natural and unnatural events or religious payments (expiation , zakat(1) , khoms(2) and spending them in regard of uprooting poverty and material needs of the real deprived and needy people, Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (IKRF) announce its complete readiness.

Therefore, all of the interested parties, by using one of the following ways all year around may have their cash and non cash aids donated under this foundation authority in order to be given to the deprived and needy people of the society.

1) -Via internet payment (

2) - Via coming personally to the offices of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation throughout the country.

3) - Via alms boxes.

4) - Via settling the cash payments in the following banking accounts:

  • Account No.103333333000 of Melli Bank,Payam Enghelab Islami Branch
    (for any kind of cash aids )

  • Account No. 333333333000 of Keshavarzi Bank,Ozgol Branch
    (for any kind of cash aids )

  • Account No. 200560056005 of Melli  Bank, Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation Branch
    ( for international aid )

  • Account No.200555999004 of Melli Bank , Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation Branch. (for  disaster aid )

  • Account No.200570057007 of Melli Bank, Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation Branch (for Ikram plan)

  • Account No. 200580058009 of Melli Bank, Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (for religious aid).

  • Account No. 200630063006 of Melli bank, Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation
    (for Zakat aid).

5) - Settling the cash payments in foreign exchange account No.333 of Melli bank, Payam Enghelab Islami Braneh ( for the foreign exchange cash aids ).

6) - Announcing the readiness in relation to any kind of voluntary cooperation with this Foundation for the benefit of the deprived being protected in an appropriate manner.

1: poor rate as prescribed by Islam
2: 1/5 of ones earning

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